Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

One of the reasons why the biking trip was cut a bit short was because I had a chance to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. And duh! You don't just pass that up! Especially when someone else has done all of the ground work for you! (Thanks Regina and Tom!). Though geographically closest to home, this was one of my favorite experiences of the year. I can't say enough about how fun this group of people was to be with. I had such a great time getting to know new people and becoming better acquainted with those I already knew. We took it easy and spread the hike over four days. It was perfect since we had time to do additional day hikes and just enjoy being there. 

The first day, we had steady rain for most of the day. Everyone else was smart and had ponchos...except yours truly...I had a rain jacket. That turned out to be a miserable failure. It was not waterproof as promised and has since been fired and returned to REI. Thank you REI guarantee! On the other hand I LOVED my Osprey Aura backpack. It was SO comfortable! In contrast to hiking Havasupai with my old Osprey Talon, I never had to stop to adjust my pack or had any chaffing or bruises. I will praise this pack to my dying day! Also trekking poles. #lifesavers

Okay but seriously check out this rain!


Nevertheless, the views from the top of the north rim and in the canyon as we headed out were so beautiful. There is something special about desert in the rain.

We set up camp and crossed our fingers for the sun to shine and dry our stuff out! Luckily the sun was kind. Paul and I had a special surprise for the group. They were somewhat appalled that we took the effort to pack down such a thing....but at midnight in Walmart it seemed like such a good idea! And hey, I wasn't cold at all!

We camped at all of the sites starting with Cottonwood, then Bright Angel, and finally Indian Gardens. In addition we visited Ribbon Falls as well as Plateau Point at sunset. If you go, take the time to do both day hikes.

A guy at Plateau Point took an incredible photo of the sunset with Paul and I in it. He actually followed through with sending it to us! I want this photo to hang on my wall. You know, when I have one again haha. Isn't it stunning?!

Its so weird because I actually did not listen to any music while on this trip. None. At all. Not even for the steep uphill climbs. It was actually really nice to be totally unplugged. I'm realizing as I'm writing that this is probably a fairly boring post to read. But even retro-writing from New Zealand, I can't get over how much I loved rim to rim. Basically, I just want to share the power of spending time in nature, totally unplugged, with great company. It really does wonders to restore the soul and bring peace. I laughed so much and had lots of time to ponder the deep and not so deep things of the universe. Also...feeling like a total bada$$ at the end doesn't hurt either :)

If you are pondering a similar kind of microadventure, do it. Make it happen. You are totally capable and you won't regret it.