Day 2: Utea Park to Broadwood


Oh last night's accommodation was so beautiful. I kind of wished we could just stay there. Wouldn't you want to?


But soon enough we were off to finish 90 Mile Beach. It was a harder morning for me. I was having trouble getting into a rhythm of riding and also the contact points with my saddle were not especially pleased to return to their new residence. I was bugged with how much I was walking since it's flat. But, you know...sand.

Just before Ahipara, we busted out our fishing rods. Jess caught a baby shark and I caught the giant snapper. We are back-country triple threats over here.


Haha JK. That's how it looks to those who only skim this post for the pictures. For the rest of you, we actually just met some vacationing Kiwis who were pulling in their fishing lines. They let us revel in their hard work.

At last we made it to Ahipara and spent a bit of time cleaning the beach from our bikes. We were happy to be rid of the sound of sand grinding in our gears.  We also found another use for Jess's red granny panties. When your chain needs a good oil, Big Red's got you covered


Then off to Broadwood. It was definitely a change being on the roads but it felt like "Ok, we are doing this. This is real road, real terrain of the tour and we are doing it." Of course when the body demands a consistent flow of air and some food, who are we to argue. And yes, the nearest shady roadside curb will do.


Luckily it wasn't much further to Broadwood Farmstay where we set up camp and chatted with Andre. He was a delightful character who helped Jess with a bike issue and shared his love of old and new school music technologies. We listened to his Sony Walkman (with skip protection) on his new fancy HP Speaker.


A glorious shower and I am happy to be going to sleep

Physically: Saddle sore. Climbing the beginnings of hills and then walking the rest

Emotionally: less anxious today