To Kaitaia We Go


Yesterday we spent the day getting Jess a bike and getting all our crap organized so we could start a day earlier than planned. I'm really nervous about making it to a ferry charter that's scheduled in five days.

We are staying with Kathryn and Roger (who I met at Dharma Gaia's family retreat) and they are such accommodating and generous people! Roger even woke up early at 6am to drive us to the bus station.

I was nervous the bus driver would turn us away with our bikes but he was also probably the nicest driver I've had with Intercity. He was kind with questions and careful to give clear announcements about time and where we were. And he didn't even make us take off the front tires!


We met two guys also starting the TA. Brian and Collin. They are from Australia. We were all a bit unclear about the shuttle to Cape Reinga tomorrow even after talking to the shuttle driver. So I'm still carrying some anxiety about that. I'm scared he will turn us away!

But for now I'm tucked away at the Main Street Lodge backpacker, enjoying the bed and avoiding the torrential rain of the day. Fingers crossed the rain will take a day off tomorrow! I really don't want the first day to be a rainy one. 

But agrees another meow to add to my collection of serendipitous cat sightings!