Day 5: To Pouto Point

I don't have a lot of photos for today. Why, you ask? I was having a hard time just STAYING ALIVE on the worst road in biking history!


The first two hours were on sealed road and I  was haulin! But I should have known better than to get cocky because the last 25km of road was horrid. HORRID! I think fresh gravel was covering the road and it made it nearly impossible to ride. My tires slipped if I went up or downhill or used my breaks or walked the bike. Meanwhile, giant logging trucks were barreling up and down the roads!


Yup this baby was going down and taking no prisoners. I didn't escape taking a tumble but luckily both the bike and I were ok since I was riding at glacial speeds. 


I've never been so excited to arrive to the campground. The manager of the campground said she was amazed we made it on the road as the gravel was indeed new. A few days earlier, she said, and we wouldn't have made it with the rain. 

Side note: I was wondering what this noise poor spinach feta dip slipped from its place on my pack and dangled over my tire, bouncing its way into oblivion.  

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