Day 7: Auckland to Miranda Springs

I am so grateful again that Roger and Kathryn let us stay with them. All of the hostels were booked up and two guys had to sleep in a park! Roger fixed Jess's bike gears and cleaned our bikes for us. Kathryn made us a delicious dinner. We unloaded unnecessary gear and packs are so much lighter! Now food can go inside the bags instead of piles and shoved on top. 


Getting through Auckland was tedious and mentally draining because of all of the turns. We had to backtrack a few times but finally made it out of the busy streets and headed to Miranda Springs. 

I didn't take many pictures today either though we had some time along the coast that was really beautiful. Unfortunately I had to go numbers one and two and signs indicated bathrooms were 4km away. Longest km EVER! I don't think I pedaled so fast as that stretch.


Also just an FYI, the sun seems to drain me by afternoon. It was so rough to keep going. Eventually I was like, "gotta stop!" And just plopped down on the roadside. This pose is what Jess has come to describe as "starfished" since apparently I just flop my appendages out willy nilly.

But today we did at least 90km! Our highest daily distance yet!

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