Day 8: 160km kick arse day...aka Miranda Springs to Arapuni

I'm gonna cut right to the most exciting thing about today which is that we went over 160km. That is 100 miles, my friends. One. Hundred. Miles. ONE HUNDRED MILES!!!

The terrain from Miranda Springs to Arapuni was basically level so we decided to make up some mileage by seeing how far we could go.


We rode the Hauraki Rail trail through Paeroa to Te Aroha. 


Jess says I look like superman with my neon vest flapping like a cape. I also have glasses like Clark Kent so I can see the similarity.

In Paeroa, I had McDonalds. It was amazing. And for some reason I for the most part have only been to McDonalds in Paeroa and mostly when cycling haha.


Along the way, I started feeling sore in the nether regions. I have been using cream all day and reapplying as the chaffing demands. Even if it's on the side of the open road. Jess was kind enough to capture this Kodak moment. There is no pride that chaffing can't humble and no dignity it cannot rob. 


Also I've developed an alternative to full starfish pose. It's called reverse starfish. It goes like this, preferably enacted in the yard of a stranger.


And finally we arrive in Matamata, the home of Hobbiton. We didn't go to the movie site but the local information center was built to look like a hobbit dwelling. It was pretty cool!


Matamata also has a bike shop and they were super helpful in resolving my in essay pedal clicking and had butt cream in stock. I remember vaguely a recommendation on a FB forum page recommending Sweet Cheeks. It is AMAZING!!!!! I think I told everyone I talked to how great it is, even strangers. I would not have made it the last 40km without it. It soothes the chaff and was as smooth as riding a full-suspension bike over a rocky trail. I want to be a spokesperson for Sweet Cheeks when I grow up.


So the last section of today was part of the Waikato River Trails. It was fun to be on a track and the sunset was stunning.

But it was SO dark as we finished the trail. Luckily we made it the last 2km to a hostel. And yes, there is a cat here. It's loved me (photo taken the next morning)

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