Day 25: To Makaroa where heating units exist!

This morning I woke to the pitter patter of unwelcome drizzle and stiff-as-cardboard legs. I thought briefly about those foam roller things at the gym but my mind swiftly shut that down since just the thought of this was too much. My legs. Oh, mama, my legs.


I paid $3 for 200 MB of data (no cell service because NZ) and checked the weather here and in Makaroa. The forecast showed more rain as we approached our destination. And a drop in temperature down into the 40s. As we packed our bikes we started coming up with sarcastic attempts at silver linings. For example, I was thankful it was cold enough that wearing my rain shell didn't make me sweat. Jess was thankful that the cold froze her legs so she couldn't feel the pain. Jess also bought a bag of wine and strapped it to her back rack. Always a resourceful opportunist, that one.


I think the joking helped me face the morning of wind, rain, and cold. My favorite triad. I actually really just laughed at how ridiculously unpleasant it all was. Beautiful. And terrible. 


Now, if you have known me for at least...oh say...three days (maybe less) will know how much I love Hamilton. I have been saving that playlist for a "special" day. That day was today. I listened to the Mixtape with song-by-song commentary AND the entire album. Because today I needed to be like my country--young, scrappy, and hungry.


Grandma, skip past this next photo because it's meant for the smarmy-faced poo face who smugly told me how steep the climb to Haast Pass I started climbing it. Like, seriously, what is the point of those comments? Are you trying to get me to quit? Do you need to feel like you're smarter than me? Why do you need to feel superior? Because you know, I just magically apparated to this spot with my bike. I had NO idea there was a steep climb here. I surely owe you such a debt for this warning!  Since we're pointing out the obvious, do you also want to tell me it's cold AF? Or that it's cloudy? Or windy? Or that I might get wet out here? Please, for the benefit of future generations, explain to me the impetus for such dumbassery exiting your mouth. --but I didn't say any of this because I was already making my way up the hill and ain't nobody got time to stop. Except at the top. To take this photo.


As we got closer to Makaroa, I started feeling a lift in my mood and...wait, was that warmth? Am I hypothermic?...oh my gosh, it's the SUN!!!! Hello, my friend! And a patch of blue sky! And our chalet at Makaroa had a heater in the room! AND...wait for it...heater in the bathroom!!!! It's the little things. 

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