Day 26: To Wanaka We Go

Such a luxury to wake up to warm air and pee in a toilet attached my room (instead of outside or down the hall and straight on til morning). 

Also, this cat wanted to come in our room this morning. I let it. And snuggled it. Despite warnings from my comrades about fleas. Sandflies swarm us daily. But no, dear goodness--not the fleas. It was too friendly to be wild...she said as the itching began 😳


The sun was shining today despite a cool morning. It warmed up quickly and some variation of this was my view throughout the day--Lakes Hawea and Wanaka. I know, gorgeous. 


With the sun came....cell phone coverage and access to wifi! I could reassure my mom that I was alive since I forgot to turn on my tracker. Oops. I'm alive mom!

It was so nice to only have 65km today and such a WARM day!!! And a grocery store! And Jess tries again to cook for one. Her failure is my delight in this matter. Her cooking is so good! 

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