Day 28: Windy Winton...almost there!

"My hands smell like the worst flavor of Doritos,"Jess says. It takes 28 days but she has finally given language to the scent that's haunted us since Cape Reinga. #gloves #therealbikelife


In sum, today was long and as Conrad says, it felt like 90 Mile Beach--taking forever with a headwind and no change in scenery. But we do it so we can eat like this (is there really a difference between ice cream and yogurt?): 

Lunch #adulting

Lunch #adulting

And we do it so we can have a lighter km day to BLUFF tomorrow!!!! 

Tonight we are camping at a golf course in Winton and were invited into the club by a group of golfers here for their weekly game. It was good conversation and toasty warm inside. They were all super impressed we were cycling the country and finishing in 29 days. They were like "On push bikes?!" It was a lovely ego boost.  

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