Day 14: Bulls to Eketahuna

Back on the official route now after getting to Palmerston North from Bulls. I tried to return my piece of crap bike computer to Bike Barn in PN. Needless to say the lady was rude and I still have my bike computer. So, I sent it to Roger in Auckland to do with what he wants to with it if he can make it work. And now I don't have to look at it anymore and feel angry feelings. I ate my feelings with this for breakfast instead. 



More pretty views on calm roads after leaving Palmerston North. 


But the BEST thing that happened was coming up on this traffic jam. Quintessential NZ experience right here. And this sheep staring straight at the camera is cracking me up!  I was super impressed with the dogs hearding the sheep too! We were smiling for a good few km after. So so so cool!!!


We made it to the giant Kiwi bird statue at Eketahuna. (A photo check in point). 


All of the cabins were taken to the campground in Eketahuna but when the manager offered up this gem for the same price as a tent site, we said "yes please!"  No one likes packing a wet tent in the morning 😩And well, this is ALMOST as good as the convent.  


Physically, my body is tired, my butt is when your gums are inflamed with a toothache or when you have a canker sore and you keep pushing it. And it hurts. That's how my butt feels when it touches the saddle. But we bought our tickets for the ferry to the South Island (only two more days!) and that, my friends, is pretty freaking exciting.