Day 16: Wellington!!!!!!...In Which We Finish the North Island


We left Martinborough and headed to Wellington via Rimutaka Rail Trail. It was a long climb and I was nervous to ride another trail after tumbling on the last one. I was the definition of slow and steady....extra on the slow haha


She's a creative multitasker, that Jess


Then this. We crossed it. I have to admit, I look pretty badass here.  


This man is aging goals. One day when I'm old, I shall wear a kilt and Nikes as I hike across mountains.  


Lots of cool railway tunnels. Luckily no one ran into any walls in the dark. 


The trail was especially green and lovely. 


Kicking it like cool kids, eating ice cream in the parking lot of the Te Marua dairy. Conrad was the only civilized one who sat  on a crate. Jess and I had already plopped down and there's no moving us once we're down. 


This highway had amazing bike lanes the rest of the way to Wellington. We made great time! 


We were able to stay with John (another TA rider) and his wife Winnie. Again, I can't say enough about the amazing Kiwi hospitality.  

North Island--its been real. Mic drop 🎤  

South Island--here we come!