Day 18: To Nelson We Go

One of the delights of traveling with an Englishman is hearing little nuggets of gold like, "Can I pinch a dribble for my coffee?" at breakfast (translation: can I have some of your milk for my coffee?). Jess and I looked at each other and the giggle monster was instantly unleashed. We could not breathe for a good five minutes. 

Well, being the navigational stars we are, we had another 8km "warm-up" before actually getting started in the right direction toward Nelson. Nevertheless, the views of the morning were glorious!


We ran into Toby (in red) and John (in green) in Havelock and by Pelorus Bridge. I love running into them. They are hilarious, encouraging, and down-to-earth guys. Toby showed us some pics of the sections we circumvented with the highway. The horrendous muddy track confirmed we made the right decision. Walking my bike through that would have felt like a dementor's kiss.  


Iced Chocolates are my favorite. #lunchtime


We skipped over a steep, only partially rideable track by taking the highway to Nelson from Pelorus Bridge. The highway was a bit sketchy at times. Also there were some big and long climbs. At one point, I experienced a random eruption of emotion and had myself a little cry and ride. I may be pms-ing. I kind of hope my body just goes into shock and skips this month though. TMI, you say? You have no idea the details I'm sparing you regarding my butt and the chaffing. 


After crying, I put on Ed Sheeran's new album and kept riding. The ginger was--as always--a boon to my spirit. (The word "boon" is weird isn't it? And kind of ugly. And yet I use it.)

Luckily a text from Conrad let me know a good downhill was coming soon. It was a welcome downhill indeed. 


And 115km later we are at our hostel in Nelson, making plans for tomorrow and expressing sympathy for the random guy who has to share the room with our stinky stuff. It's funny how being on the road makes big sniffers of all of us. I sniff everything as I pull it out of my bag. I sniff my gloves when I take them off or put them on. I sniff my clothes after I take them off or put them on. The good old sniff 'n cringe. Tiffany! WTH? It's like I have a masochistic need to confirm just how bad it is. BTW, gloves win for stinkiest item and merino is miracle material. 

My shower song this evening to the tune of Look Away by Chicago:

"If you see me walking by

and the tears are in my eye

walk walk away... 

Dont come by me. I don't want you to smell me this way!"


Jess says I'm weird.