Day 20: The Sun Shines to Reefton

The thing about cloud cover breaking is that it's usually pretty cold. But the same as St George!? Come on NZ!!!

We dreamed of sun in days gone by. When it was warm and bikes worth riding. We dreamed the sun would never die. We dreamed that temps would be forgiving. 


But the cold air comes at night. With its pain as sharp as thunder. As they tear your hands apart. It's a cruel and vicious gaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeee!!!!!

Conrad's impression of a sunflower.  

Conrad's impression of a sunflower.  

Brief intermission of the drama to enjoy this view: 


We rewarded ourselves with a bask in the sun for lunch. Maude went full-sunbathe.  I put on all of my warm clothing and was determined to lay there until I was fully toasty. 


Then once we were warm, we enjoyed a lovely headwind for the remainder of the day. Such fun.

At Reefton, Jess and I both bought big tubs of yogurt, plopped on the sidewalk curb and consumed. Conrad's English sensibilities I think find us at times rather uncivilized. We are slowly breaking him. He eventually condescended to join us. 

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