Day 21: Reefton to Kumara

Ok for real. It was so freaking cold I couldn't even function this morning. Like, it's so expletive cold. 


Permission to move at glacial speeds. Makes sense since I'm in ANTARCTICA!!!!


I couldn't take it anymore and bought some gloves to wear on top of my cycling gloves. And yup, socks and sandals folks. I am also wearing three shirts and have pants over my padded shorts. I look like a muppet construction worker.  But hey, my bags have never been easier to pack. 


It eventually warmed up to a tolerable 64 ish degrees. Enough to take off the layers and enjoy a weird lunch at the nearest one-sheep, one-street town.


We made it to Greymouth and the West Coast. Thank goodness for sun. It's supposed to rain in a few days and I am dreading it. Funny though, the cold never deters me from ice cream. And to think, there was once a time where ice cream didn't exist. Whaaaaatttt????


Rode part of the West Coast Wilderness Trail on the way to our amazing cottage rental in Kumara. 


Claw foot tub!!!! I haven't had a bath in FOREVER!!!! I even shaved my legs I was so happy! 


Jess found a radio and now I'm in old lady cottage with an electric blanket awaiting me on my bed, listening to "Gangster's Paradise."  I can almost forget about the future forecast of rain 😩.