Where to Next? Nelson, Baby!

Well the pendulum doth swing my friends. I have not ridden my bike for almost three weeks. THREE WEEKS! I am so scared that my fitness is gone that I am avoiding assembling my bike (Do I really need to confirm my loss?), which I shipped to my new home in Nelson (south island)!

After Queenstown (bungee jumping city) and before Nelson, I spent a glorious week in Auckland (north island) hanging out with Kathryn and Roger and their adorable children and cat, Zoe.

Zoe snuggles 

Zoe snuggles 

I also retrieved all my shtuff that they graciously stored at their house. Most importantly, I FINALLY saw Beauty and the Beast! Kathryn and I attended the premiere on our self appointed ladies' night. I could not believe she has NEVER even seen the original. True story. I don't know how that's even possible. But she loved this version so I can move forward from this tragic tale of Disney negligence.

And THEN, guess what happened? I came out of the theater and they were playing a trailer for the Dance Academy MOVIE!!!! Which, if you are a actual adult from the US of A, have probably never heard of. Luckily when it comes to dance movies and tv shows, I am and always will be twelve. I was in graduate school when I fell in love with this random Australian teeny bopper dance tv series. It's cheesy AF but put the homework on hold when season three FINALLY came to Netflix! And now several years later, they're making a movie!!!! And it comes to Nelson in t minus one week. Not that I am counting... April 13th. I'm there.

So, what am I doing in Nelson? I am exchanging babysitting for rent and just living a regular, pedestrian, civilian, city-living life. Like Sex in the City. Only minus the sex...mmmm and Nelson's definitely not New York...BUT I can walk to the town center in 15 minutes so it feels like I'm living the urban dream compared to rural Coromandel. I am sharing a house with a friend I met at DG and then the house's owner and her 2-yr old daughter. So far, I am fans of all and loving my oh so private and glorious room. I have not had my own space for six months, my friends. I almost cried with joy. 

Also, this is the view from the living room.

My house key looks like I'm entering the Secret Garden!