BeaUTAHful Home Sweet Home

I hopped out of the car, eyes squinting in the bright sun. I enjoyed the familiar sensation of warmth pouring back into my limbs after hours exposed to subzero AC--those of you from the desert know what I'm talking about. My nostalgic moment was promptly crashed by a swarm of sandfly-like creatures hell-bent on sucking the life out of me! I found my trusty sweatshirt and went full-Maude, cinching my hood so that only my eyeballs were exposed. What the kelp, Utah!? I thought I left sandflies in the south island! Little bastards are like those cockroaches that can survive nuclear fallout! They would not be deterred. Paul chivalrously observed as he backed away from me, "Ew!!! Those bugs are all over your head still! Why are they on your head!?" Some people's children, ya know?

No one wants to be that person who has to bag their crap in the slot canyon so we all took one last Hail Mary visit to the port-a-potty before making our way to the trailhead for Wire Pass, part of the greater Buckskin Gulch trail. As a note, by the royal "we," I am referring to my friend Paul and his friend Greg, Greg's sister Kristi, and my other friend Savannah. It's Memorial Day weekend and we are making the most of exploring (with Greg's admirably detailed planning) the treasures of Escalante.

The highlight of the weekend for me was Buckskin Gulch. We didn't have a permit for doing an overnight in the canyon so we just spent a few hours day-hiking instead. I can't tell you how much I love love LOVE slot canyons. Over thousands and thousands of years, water has slowly but consistently carved it's signature into the landscape. Isn't it incredible?! Look at these photos! I struggle with small consistent effort in any arena so you can imagine all of the metaphors for life I could draw. But...maybe another time. I'd rather enjoy the colors, the desert waves and the cool sand between my toes.